Pneumatic Insulation Technology

Pneumatische Isolationstechnik

Technologie d'isolation pneumatique

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Frequent Questions

The blowing insulation method is relatively new in the field of modern construction method so we’ve put together a list of important questions and frequently raised points surrounding this technology with helpful answers and suggestions as to how we recommend you tackle these issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Blowing Insulation

An insulation blowing machine is capable of breaking up and loosening a compressed loose insulation material. The airflow then transports it into the building structure via a hose.

Blowing insulation materials consist of small fibres of different kinds. Where classic insulation materials are offered as mats or boards, where it is difficult to obtain a monolithic surface after application, blown insulation materials fill in possible gaps, offering the best possible insulation.
Loose fiber materials offer excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing properties. At the same time, our materials have a very high moisture absorption rate, which ensures a comfortable indoor climate. Typical blowing insulation materials are:
• Cellulose
• Wood fibre
• Glass wool
• Rock wool

Blowing insulation consists of loose thermal insulation materials that are transported with air through a hose or other blow-in tool into the building element. The more insulation material enters the building element, the more air escapes. The existing air pressure and the weight of the insulation material are compressed more and more. It gradually fills the entire element, fitting into every gap and irregularity. This insulation remains without gaps and there are no waste pieces. The blowing insulation fits into any cavity.

Blowing tools are used directly at the blowing hole or point. They are necessary to achieve an ideal insulation density in the building element.
-Blowing hose
– Blowing nozzle

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