Pneumatic Insulation Technology

Pneumatische Isolationstechnik

Technologie d'isolation pneumatique

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About Us


As a pioneer in the field of insulation materials in Europe, CelluSWISS and its sister Cag Engineering established the CelluMAK brand in 2006 that has been in the construction industry since 1999 and has its roots in Sweden. As a European company, we have the advantage of complying with European standards and also has logistical advantages as it produces in the heart of Europe. It has always been committed to research and development and continues to search for natural and environmentally friendly insulation solutions.

Our Vision

“We aim to provide our customers with high quality insulation blowing machines at reasonable and affordable prices, so that they can enjoy the high-tech and easy-to-use insulation blowing system.”

Our Aim And Objective

We manufacture in an environmentally conscious and highly efficient manner, following technological developments at every stage of our production to offer high quality and unique service concepts. We always follow an innovative approach to create synergies and dynamics with our stakeholders for the future. We also strive for a long-term business partnership with suppliers and customers based on mutual trust.