Pneumatic Insulation Technology

Pneumatische Isolationstechnik

Technologie d'isolation pneumatique

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Insulation Blowing Machines

Loose fiber insulation materials come in compacted bales. Insulation blowing machines are used to loosen up and shred the compacted material. The loose material is then blown through conveyor hoses to the point of application. Suitable applications are broad, and range from the filling of open cavities, closed cavities to the coating of vertical or over-head surfaces.

Loose Fiber Insulation Techniques

Open Blowing
This is used for large horizontal cavities. In open blowing, the insulation materials is transported through the conveyor hose, which can easily cover a range of up to 50m.
Dry Injection
Is used to blown into closed cavities, such as hollow walls or boarded construction elements. This can be done just by using the conveyor hose, or also using a ventilated injection nozzle, which allows for a tighter packing of the insulation material.
Wet Spraying
In this method, the fibers are mixed with an adhesive, which helps the material to stick to vertical or overhead surfaces. This process requires additional equipment, namely a high pressure adhesive pump and a mixing head.