Pneumatic Insulation Technology

Pneumatische Isolationstechnik

Technologie d'isolation pneumatique

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Dry Injection

CelluBOR Dry Blow is a high-quality thermal, sound, and moisture insulation material known as cellulose wool. CelluBOR contains recycled newspaper (more than 80% of the content) and minerals. Open/attic blowing with added moisture The cellulose wool extracted from newspapers is processed with chemicals based. As a result of these processes, CelluBOR Dry Blowing can be processed without glue in the casting and filling process. CelluBOR Dry Blow enriched cellulose wool is applied using the CelluMAK application system.

Typibal blowing insulation materials

  • In dry wall systems, filling the two sides with blowing between closed gypsum boards.
  • Pouring method on unused roof floor.
  • Under the finish covering on internal surfaces

Depending on the insulation material, injection and conveyor hoses can be used